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== Identity ==
The ID I am using online contains '''liuf''', '''liufeng''', '''songqing''', '''smartliu''', '''uiltrams'''. If you meet an ID like this on the Internet, then it might be me, except "liufeng" (because it's too common in Chinese names).

我的网络帐号常常为 '''liuf'''、'''liufeng'''、'''songqing'''、'''smartliu'''、'''uiltrams'''。 如果你在网上看到了这些帐号,那么除了 liufeng 外多数就是我了。

== Website ==
My website is http://liuf.net/ . There are some information about me.

我的网站是 http://liuf.net/ ,里面有关于我的各种信息。

I used to have a domain name called ''CNLIUFENG.COM'' and I linked my website (including my blog) to it from Mar 24, 2007 to 2012. I no longer use and own that domain.

我曾经用过 ''CNLIUFENG.COM'' 的域名,从 2007 年 3 月 24 日到 2012 年,我一直在上面放我的网站和博客。现在我不再拥有这个域名了。

== Email ==
<<MailTo(me AT SPAMFREE liuf DOT net)>>

== Blog ==

== Wiki ==
http://liuf.net/wiki If you are reading this page, then you are already in my wiki.

== Curriculum Vitæ ==
 * [[attachment:resume_en.pdf|English]]
 * [[attachment:resume_zh.pdf|Chinese]]
 * [[attachment:resume_zh2.pdf|Chinese version 2 (form)]]

== Gallery ==

== Google Plus ==

Google Plus is the main social network I'm currently using. The post from Google Plus will update my other social networks automatically.

== Twitter ==

== Facebook ==

== Flickr ==
http://www.flickr.com/fengliu Most of my photos are on that site. But I'm considering to store my photos on my own server, and use [[http://gallery.menalto.com/|Gallery]] to manage them. My 4 years Pro account on Flickr has been expired.

== Sina Weibo ==
I've started a Sina Weibo on Dec 20, 2103. I feel hard to remember my id, so I put my link here.

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