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MediaWiki is the name for the Wiki engine that runs the [[1]] and other Wikimedia projects!

Wikipedia was previously using UseMod as its WikiEngine, hence MediaWiki is largely derived from UseMod, with specific enhancements focused on scalability, like a SQL backend, output caching and section editing. Its MediaWikiText markup is very similiar to UseMod's markup.

Its project homepage is at and it is discussed also at

For similarities/differences with MoinMoin, see MoinMoinVsMediaWiki and WikiEngineComparison, [feature list] and [reviews].

  • "MediaWiki is primarily targeted at Wikipedia and Wikimedia's other projects (and other similar large-scale sites with people running their own servers), secondarily at people running local instances to work with data from our sites, and only incidentally at anyone else." -- Brion Vibber (MediaWiki developer)

MediaWiki plugin

There is a MediaWiki plugin (parser) for MoinMoin named "media4moin" that makes Moin compatible. You can download it at ParserMarket. It enables you to use most of MediaWiki`s markup, but some (like InterWiki support) is missing.

Other resources for moving from one engine to the other are listed on the [page on MoinMoin].