Thoughts After Watching the Movie The Shawshank Redemption – on destination

This passage is the English version of the former one. I’ve translated it into English for a practice.

To set a destination is the first and a very important step for success. The Shawshank Redemption is just a movie which shows how important of one destination to a man. Andy Dufresne, a banker who has a great fortune, was putted into Shawshank prison for murdering his wife. During time he spent in prison, he did a lot of things, such as rebuilt the library, helped others to get a degree of senior middle school, and escaped the prison in a fantastic way for showing the evil behavior of the warden.

Among various stories which was told in the movie, there are two moved me deeply. One of them is that Dufresne rebuilt the prison library. When Dufresne entered the prison, the library was just a small dingy room, and the amount of books in the library was only about one hundred and few categories. Dufresne had an idea that to rebuild the library and buy more books when he started working in prison library. When Dufresne talked his destination to his friends in prison, they all thought that it was impossible since there were six wardens who had rejected the asking of buying more books for the library. Although others didn’t believe he could do that, Dufresne didn’t give up. Dufresne told his idea to the warden, but the warden said that he didn’t have money. By gaining power from his destination, Dufresne made a crazier idea. He wrote to senator a letter directly once a week. At last, Dufresne got two hundred dollars and some books from other books after six years. Then Dufresne wrote to senator two letters once a week. The Shawshank prison got five hundred dollars every year from the government in 1959. Dufresne also made deals to book clubs and charitable groups. He used the other money to buy books. In the year of the President Kennedy was killed, the Shawshank prison library had became the best prison library in New England.

From these two stories, we can feel how important to set a destination for success. Because there was a destination that to progress the condition of reading, Dufresne rebuilt the library successfully; because there was a destination that to gain free, Dufresne escaped from the prison successfully. Thus, shouldn’t we behave like Dufresne when we work or study? After watching the movie, I believe that I will change greatly.


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