Installed Ubuntu 7.10 Beta

Yesterday was a fantastic day, because I could run Ubuntu on my laptop. I had heard about Linux when I was in primary school. I tried to get one and use it, but always couldn’t achieve it. Sometime my parents didn’t buy it for me(the Internet was not that strong in that days), or sometimes I didn’t have a computer for my own use(if I installed Linux, others couldn’t use the computer), or most of the time my laptop didn’t support Linux.

Before I came to Canada, I bought a DELL XPS M1330. At that time I had Ubuntu LiveCD of 7.04. I tried it at once after I got the laptop. But unfortunatly, my laptop didn’t support it. I couldn’t even get into the multi-user part. And I tried Sayabon, Ubuntu 7.10 tribe 4 and so on. All of the doesn’t work except Gentoo. But I still couldn’t use X with Gentoo and only could land into the command line. Maybe I could install Gentoo by compile, but I didn’t had a WLAN connection at home and I had no experiences of using Gentoo. So I had to give up.

Yesterday I was thinking about Ubuntu 7.10 would be released in October and maybe I can use it on my laptop. And then I got the news about the beta version of Ubuntu 7.10 had been released from Linux Desktop Chinese. Then I downloaded the LiveDVD at once and burned it.

After I burned it, I tried to reboot my laptop. After about 3 to 5 minutes wait(so slow!), I got the good result. The whole system works well. A note said there were a strict driver could be installed. It was the driver of my nVidia video card. That meant I could use CompizFusion! I tried to played a video in the “Examples” folder, and the sound card worked well! What made me surprise was when I tried to get connect to the wireless internet, I hit the icon on the panel and it already searched all the wireless internet connection. The internet connection worked well after I did some settings(password, SSID).

I was so happy that I could use Linux on my laptop. I had tried several versions of Linux before but I couldn’t let them work well. Sometimes I didn’t got a laptop and sometimes my laptop(DELL Inspiron 8000) didn’t support Linux(do not have driver of video card on Linux). Now my DELL XPS M1330 supports Linux well. I think I can write a post on Linux on Laptops.

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