After almost two days time trying, I run Movable Type on my new site finally. This is the first time for me to use Movable Type, so it’s very funny. Though I’ve met some problems, I made it now. The happiness now just can’t be discribed.

I bought a new domain name for this blog. In the first days, especially after I’v changed my English name, I would like to open a new blog to write something in English. My original blog Feng’s Style have been existed some time, and all of the posts on it is written in Chinese. I wouldn’t like to add any English posts on it cause it will be mess. Also I’d like to have a domain name that like my English name, not my original name, so I choose this domain “”.

Before I installed Movable Type on my host, I felt afraid a bit. Since I’ve never tried to understand Movable Type, even cgi programs, I thought maybe to install it is very difficult. But after I read the instruction on the offical site of Movable Type, everything came clearly. Actually at the very begining, I installed Movable Type succussfully. But I don’t know how to show the blog page when I browse “” not “”. That spent my a whole day to solve it.

I have written a post on V2EX to ask about it, the comment on it is very helpful. After thought for a while, I solved it finally. I was so happy that you can browse “” to visit my blog.

Movable Type is still quite new for me. I haven’t seen all the pages of it. I think it is a wonderful tool for managing a blog. I hope I will master it just like WordPress.


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