It’s a long time that I didn’t update my blog. The reason was I felt a bit tired. To write English everyday is not as easy as to write Chinese everyday. And I found the advantage of English writing was it can easily express the logic. That means, you can say something academic or argue some topic. That’s simple. But if you’d like to talk some feelings like in Chinese, that’s not that simple.

While I had learnt for nearly a month in ELC of the U of M, I found everyday’s class is boring. We do the same thing everyday. Not too difficult, not serious for me. That made me lazy in these days. I would like to write a post for Linux on Laptops for telling others that Ubuntu 7.10 beta could be easily installed on DELL XPS M1330. I had this idea on last Saturday, but I still not started now.

By the way, Ubuntu 7.10 beta works very good on my M1330. I found it’s not that hard to use Ubuntu for one months. But now I still can’t play real stream on my laptop since I haven’t installed the realplayer now. And sometimes at some program, the keyboard doesn’t work. That made me have to restart that program. And for some web pages, firefox will be very slow. That made me so mad. But in all, it works well here. Especially Beagle, a desktop search tool, let me feel surprise. It help me very much.

Well, I’m looking forward to studying in a faculty. That’s what we should do everyday. A life without excites is making people dead.


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