On Strike

Today, when I was on the bus to school in the morning, I saw someone stood beside the road. Both of them had a board wrote “On Strike” held in front of them. Some of them waved to the bus and they looked pleasant. I thought they might be in some kind of party, or maybe something dangerous happened since there was “Strike” on the board. As far as I know, the word “Strike” may mean what we are doing in the game “Counter-Strike”.

When I arrived to the classroom, I found my classmates were outside. I was very strange why they didn’t go into the classroom. But then I found the door was locked. My friend told me the workers in our school refused to work since they wanted higher salary. I remembered the people on the road were the workers in the University of Manitoba.

The first class was delayed about 15 minutes. Someone came to open the door. On the second class, the instructor Loreena talked about the strike. She said there was a union protected the workers. Workers wanted higher salary but they couldn’t make an agreement to the school. So they refused to work. That won’t last long since the school will cope with it. The reason was the students wouldn’t be happy because the school life was not convenient. She was right. The trash and the white board weren’t cleaned.


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