The Final Exam and School Requesting is End

The final exam is end. In other word, this term is over.

In this term, I didn’t feel well. I found I have lost my interestring on some subject, especially Chemistry. I never felt I hate the class before. The result is my score is very low.

This afternoon, I signed the school requesting table. I will go to U of Manitoba for my further study. I have asked five schools in all: U of Alberta, U of Clagary, U of Manitoba, U of Saskchewen and U of Regina. For this result, I feel not too happy and not to sad. Before the teacher asked my opinion, I have attent a lecture. The officer from U of Manitoba came to give us an introduce about the school. I felt the school was good though its remark is not very before. Some of my school mates is there. In my view, it’s a good school.

In the vacation, except to attend the iBT, I will go to Shanghai to learn Money and You for three days. All in all, it may be a busy vacation.


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