A Bad Feeling Today

This afternoon, we had a long speaking class. During the class, my instruction Linda let us to discuss some problems in groups. There are 12 students in my class, and we were seprated into 3 groups. In my group, I was the leader that keep the discuss going.

I did what a leader should do. I read the question to the group members and ask their idea. In one turn, it a girl’s turn. For showing polite, I always looked at the person who are talking about his or her idea. But when I looked at that girl, I felt I wanted to smile suddenly. And then a smile came to my face.

That girl was a bit annoyed. She kept asking me what I was laughing at. I couldn’t explain the reason because it came suddenly and even I myself didn’t know why I was laughing. Since the instructor didn’t allow us to speak Chinese during class time, I tried to explain in English. Maybe I didn’t discribed myself very clearly, the girl might felt I was thinking something bad at that time. At last, the girl was a bit angry.

After class, I went to the girl and explain to her in Chinese and gave her a genuine apology. She said “That’s OK”. But I still felt she wasn’t happy at all. And that made me not laughing all the afternoon.


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