Resume Workshop

This afternoon, I attended the second resume workshop class. And this class is the first academic class I attended in Canada. I’m learning in English Language Centre now and I have classes about English writing, reading, listening and speaking everyday. Though they are helpful, they are a little boring. The reason, I think, is language is a kind of most fundational class. You will feel boring when you learning them, especially you have known it not too little before.

Resume workshop class is different. It’s the class teaches me a useful skill will be used in the future. It’s not like to teach language that let you to think all about languages, but to teach you some kind of details. For example, in the resume workshop class, the instructor will tell me the format of a resume, and how to write some specific parts of a resume.

I feel so exciting when attend this kind of class. This REAL class is very useful and will tell me a lot of things that I haven’t heard before. That’s much fun than to attend English class.


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