This blog is almost perfect for me to use except I don’t know how to make the entries to be outputed totally. Now, if I browse ““, I will only get the summary of my essay. I always hate to publish only summary on RSS, so I have to find out a way to output my essays completely.

This night I spent a lot of time to try, but I can’t find the choice for outputing the whole text. At last, I give up. I had post a question on V2EX, but till now, nobody answered.

Just before I tried to burn a feed on Feedsky since Feedburner had been blocked in China. After I inputed the address of this blog, they told me there are two feed address and I had to choose one. One was ATOM, the other one was RSS. I was confused. One my page, there is only ATOM. Then I tried to browse ““. You know what I got? I got all of my essays outputed completely.

I’m not sure the differences between the two, so I found it on Google. Then I got some pages(1|2). But I still don’t know why I can get a complete output from RSS, not ATOM? The essays I just found told me the ATOM which is leaded by Google, is newer than RSS 2.0. And ATOM is more function. So to use ATOM is a better choice. But I still don’t know how to output my essays completely, so I had to use RSS now. I hope I will get the anwsers from V2EX.


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