On last Friday, my speaking instructor Linda let us to take a piece of news essay on the newspaper and get the summary. I didn’t finish the work until this noon.

On the day befor yesterday, I asked my homestay mother Annette if there were any recently newspaper at home. She gave me a Sep, 22th one and said she could get a newer one on the next day. And this morning she gave me a newspaper of Sep, 25th.

I had the speaking lesson in the afternoon, so I started to find news after lunch. I found some interesting news such as the UN meeting talked about the world climate, the privacy of Google Inc. There was one made me a bit surprise. The University of Winnipeg would cancel classes over the security fear. I had heard from the CTV news about there was something dangerous happened in the campus. A person shoted others. And the other students were talking or holding a vote for something. It seems there was relationship between the two matters. And the University of Winnipeg was so near to us. To take a No.14 bus to Downtown, we can arrive there. We had been there before our class started. And the whole thing sounds unbelievable.

Linda talked a bit about this thing on the afternoon class. She said on the paper today, there was a whole page about this. She felt surprise that I had heard it.


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