Today all the students of English Language Centre has a field trip. We left school at 9:00am and we went there by schoolbus. The field was far from our school. We spent about 40 minutes to there.

The field we played is like a large playground. There were cart, baseball and golf. We could play both of them. There was also a little shop for selling drink and food. We could also sit there since it was much warmer in the shop than outside.

There were also some game machines in the shop. I tried some of them. At first, I tried a game likes Axe. I sent 25c in the machine but it didn’t work. Then I tried another machine with the game “Pinball” beside. I sent $1 but still didn’t work. I felt it was so expensive that spent $1 but did nothing so I asked my money back from the manager.

The manager was very kind. She asked how much I sent and then gave my money back. But I forgot the extactly amount of money I sent and I said $1.50. She gave me $1.50 and asked me to tell her which machine was bad. Then I showed her the two machines. At the first one, she pasted a note said “doesn’t work”. But after she checked the second one, she said it still worked. Then she pressed a button and the game started. I continued playing and she forgot to asked the $1 back.

The game Pinball'' is like the game3D Pinball” in Microsoft Windows. There were some balls and I controlled two boards to keep the balls not fall. After I spent all the 3 balls, the machine told me I got some bouns balls for my high mark. I kept got high mark and always got bouns balls. Suddenly the game stoped and I thought that might be the limit of the machine.

There were still some games I didn’t play, because I had a presentation tomorrow. So I sit on a chair and listened to the material of the presentation. The temperater was so low. The feeling was awful. Luckily I stood to the time we left.


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