Speaking Presentation

This afternoon we had the second speaking presentation. This time was about interview. There were several topics we can choose and I choose the term “censorship”.

I have interviewed my homestay mother, Annette, but haven’t interview any other internetational students. Actually, I just interviewed myself as the second person. I didn’t prepare it very long. I just felt there was nothing to prepare.

There are 12 students in our class. This time I was the 9th one to do the presentation. I felt a bit nervous. I went to the washroom before the class began but I still felt not good when my turn comes. Just then a student went to the washroom and I said “do everyone want a rest, and could you give me 2 minutes for me to go to the washroom”. After got the permit form the instructor, I ran to the washroom. Suddenly I found that a lot of boys came after me. They all wanted to go to the washroom!

Before I talked, I felt I couldn’t speak all the five minutes. But I have talked about 10 minutes this time. I even didn’t know what I had said.


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