One Month Celebration

A month ago, on Aug 23, 2007, I left China from Beijing Internetional Airport. And since the difference of timezone, we arrived at Winnipeg on Aug 23, 2007 again. From that time to now, I’ve spent a whole month here.

I, with my parents, drove to Beijing on Aug 22. We lived in Beijing Guangxi Hotel. A friend of my father received us. In the afternoon, I washed myself and had a rest. At night, father’s friend invited us to a restaurant for supper. I tried Maotai there.

After supper, we went back to the hotel. And I downloaded some useful software by the internet in the hotel. Since I didn’t have high speed internet connection in my home, I hadn’t installed any software before.

The sleep was nice. On the next day, we had a simple breakfast and lunch. Then we drove to the airport. On the airport, we met the other three friends who also went to Canada with me. We went accross the customs about 1 hour before the plane leave. It was a complex thing to do that. When I went accross a port, the officer got some touthpastes and ink from my handbag. She used a plastic bag to cover those stuff. But since there were not enough space of the plastic bag, I had to drop a touthpaste.

On the time we wait to check out, I suddenly felt a bit nervous. There were a lot of foreigners to take a same plane. It gave me a feeling that I AM the foreigner, not them. Can I explain myself to them well? I was not sure.

We quickily found our seats on the plane. Luckily, our seats was very near. Everything seemed well, before we got a list of customs declaration to fill. We hadn’t seen it before and we were not sure how to fill them. So we could just guess. Luckily it was OK when we went accross the customs of Canada.

The internetional plane made me very tired. Sometime I wanted to sleep, and sometime I couldn’t get into asleep. In a few hours before we arrived at Vancouver, I couldn’t sleep at all. that time was very boring.

After we arrived at Vancouver, we had to apply our study permit. That costed us very long time. Hopefully we had already rechecked another plane, or else we would miss the plane to Winnipeg.

Then they wanted to call there family, I also think I should called my homestay mother for telling her we had rechecked the plane. They bought a kind of card that can make internetional calls. Each call costed us 25 cents more for getting connected with the service of the card. All of them couldn’t call their family successfully except me. I called Annette to tell her we rechecked the plane and please her to pick us later.

There were some extra time after we called. We had some food. I bought a sandwich, costed me about 10 dollars. It tasted delicious, but the process I bought it was pain. I couldn’t understand the seller well, at last the seller explained me what a “turkey” is! That was very shame.

We took a very small plane from Vancouver to Winnipeg. The food and drink on the plane was priced, not free, what we thought before. So I just asked a cup of water, that was free. The plane was not slow, we arrived at Winnipeg at about 11 o’clock. Our homestay mother, Annette, was waiting us on the port.

She drove us home and told us about the house. There were only one internet port in my home, so only me could get connect to the internet at room. I tried to buy $10.00 Skype credits by my VISA card, it was unsuccess. Then I tried again but using Paypal, successed. And I called my mother to tell her I arrived peacefully…


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