Mid-Autumn Celebration

Since we will be very busy during the weekdays, we four celebrated the mid-autumn day tonight. We have bought some materials yesterday and we had the “hot pot” tonight.

In the afternoon, Forrest, Garson and me went to Kelin’s house. In the early, we three boys played soccer on a large grass field near Kelin’s house. About 4:00, we went back and had a short rest. Then we cooked the hot pot. And we take some photos before we had them.

The supper lasted about two hours. It was very strange that we felt very full but it seemed we didn’t have that much. And we didn’t feel the supper was very long until we saw the clock.

After meal, we clean the table. At that time, I felt so tired. Not only sleepy I felt, but I also felt my thigh very sour. A felt into asleep on the chair for a while.

We left Kelin’s house at about 9 o’clock. On the way home, we talked about the songs and the time when we were in China. In all, it is a nice day and tired day.

P.S. I didn’t took any camera this afternoon, so I had to post the photos by others. You may see some photos on Kelin’s Blog. I will also upload some photos to my album on Flickr, you may see them a few minites later.


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