Thanks Giving Dinner

Today, is the thanks giving eve. The homestay mother of Garson, Blue, invited Forrest and I to her home for thanks giving dinner. In western custom, people will have turkey on thanks giving dinner.

This was the second time I had turkey. The first time was in the airport of Vancouver. I bought a turkey sandwich for dinner. At that time, I couldn’t understand what did the seller say, and I spent a lot of time to explain what I want. The seller even explain what a turkey is to me!

Annette was sick, so she didn’t go with us. We took the salad made by Annette to there. When we been there, Garson and Kelin had arrived. And Blue’s neighbor and her daughter also were there. Garson told me another friend named Lin will come later. When we was having juice, Lin and her homestay daughter came.

After a while the dinner started. At first, Blue’s mother Eslin, as the oldest person at home, preyed to the God. At that time, all the members closed their eyes and got together by hands. After Eslin said the sentences of praying, all of us should say “A-Men”. Then we picked up food on the table and chose a place to have food.

On the table, the girl from Lin’s house said she was also a student of AEPUCE and she was in group 3. Before she came here, she just graduated from high school.

The turkey didn’t tasted like others told me. I felt it tasted like a normal chicken. There were some spicy chicken, too. I liked them very much. After dinner, we had some dessert and took some pictures.


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