In these days, ELC held some interviews between instructors and students. The main topic of interviews is about the learning and the life in ELC. Each students had to attend the interview. And each interviews is about 10 minutes.

The interviews is individual. During the interviews, only the instructor and the interviewee was allowed to stay at the classroom. All the others were going outside. Students who didn’t have interview in that day is allowed to go home earlier. So in these days, I always arrived home before 2:30.

Today I took a interview by the listening instructor, Dennis. Dennis asked me if there was any problem for my studying here. I said no. And the only problem is sometime I felt sleepy on class.

At last, Dennis asked me if there were any questions. I asked him where did he bought his file folder. He told me he bought it at bookstore, but the company might not produce it any more. Bad luck!


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